Coding Challenges for the Ollie

If you have any Ollies (or Spheros) in your classroom, library, or makerspace, you’ve probably discovered that kids love driving these little devices around. Students love to test their driving skills, which as I’ve witnessed, generally aren’t that good. We have 4 Ollies in our makerspace and, in an effort to have students program the Ollies instead of just drive them around, have created “challenges” for students.

The idea is to have students use the SPRK Lightning Lab app on either a Chromebook or iPad to program the Ollie to complete a certain task. One example (shown below), has the students creating a program to move the Ollie in a square, changing color on each side, and not crashing into anything. When a student completes the challenge, and has someone confirm they did it correctly, they will receive a badge that will be displayed on a poster in our makerspace.

If you’d like to take a look at the challenges to use or adapt, feel free. Click to view the challenges and make a copy for yourself if you want to edit them.

We have plans to create more challenges for other makerspace items soon. I’ll certainly be sharing those as well.

One thought on “Coding Challenges for the Ollie

  1. amontgomery

    These are great! Thank you for sharing! We have some Sphero and Ollies in the library and I was in the same boat…the kids loved using them but then what? This will be a great way to add a dimension to their time.


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