Rethinking Library Spaces

Libraries are changing, we all know that. My elementary school library is evolving and we are looking for ideas to transform the space. Many school libraries are going through similar changes and it’s great to see. At the ICE Conference in February, I attended a session that shared a complete renovation of a school library and it looks amazing. Here is the slide show shared during the presentation.

Recently, I participated in #tlchat, a Twitter chat for teacher-librarians and the topic was Rethinking Library Spaces and Learning Space Design. It was a great discussion and many people shared great ideas about what they have done or are looking to do in their libraries. If you missed out on the chat, here’s the transcript.

The discussion got me thinking. There should be a place where teacher-librarians can share images of their library spaces, especially updates and new designs. It should be simple for people to upload pictures and easy for people to view. It doesn’t appear that this type of virtual photo album exists so I decided to create one. I went through a few ideas, checking with others to see what would work best and finally decided on a shared Google Drive folder. I hope this folder can be an inspiration to others looking to make any changes, big or small, to their library space. We can never have enough good ideas so please share share share!

To view the images in the folder, go to

To add your own images, go to and click on “Add to Drive” in the upper right-hand corner. From that point, upload any images to the folder as you would any other Google folder.

Unnamed image


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