Making a Change

Change can be good, bad, scary, and exciting. I’m sure there are many other words you can think of to describe change. Changing the kind of coffee you drink or the route you take to work is a small change. Moving houses or making a job change is much bigger. Regardless, change breaks up a routine that can impact many people – in ways you can anticipate and in ways you cannot. I tend to believe that change is usually good. It opens up new opportunities, new experiences, and new ways of thinking that probably wouldn’t happen if the change isn’t made.

I’m making a change. A big change. A fairly sudden change. I have recently resigned from my position with Discovery Education to return to the elementary school environment. I’ve accepted a position in a new district, a DE using district, as the library media specialist/tech integrator/computer teacher/whatever else you want to call this position. There was a lot of thought that went into this decision, this big change, but I’m happy to be back in a school, impacting students and teachers.

I loved my time with the DEN Team. It was fun, challenging, exciting, and ton of other synonyms for awesome. My team consisted of the best people, many of whom I consider very good friends. I’m looking forward to continuing those friendships on a slightly different level now. I cannot thank Lance, Porter, Steve, Dean, Kyle, Jannita, and others for such a fantastic (almost) 3 years. Words can’t really express how I feel about the team. I know things are going to be challenging for them for a while, but if anyone will continue to rock, it’s that team.

The educators we’ve worked with, many of whom were my friends before joining the DEN Team, are people that I can continue connecting with to share resources, ideas, and laughs. The new connections from this year’s DEN Summer Institute and other events are just as valuable. The DEN is truly a family. I love the fact that I can travel the country and know great people all over the place. If I head to Southern California, where I’ll be in a few weeks for vacation, I can hang with Brandon and Dennis. If I head to Texas, I can visit Howard in Austin or Kristy in Houston. If I go to Knoxville, I can stop and see Tim, as I did this past May. If I head to Canada and am in Saskatchewan, Lindsay and Dean will say hi. I can’t forget about the various Pennsylvania folks as well. I know many of you who’ve been connected with the DEN have similar connections and know exactly what I’m talking about. I cannot wait to connect the students from my new school to my friends across North America.

Over the almost 3 years working with the DEN, I heard about all of the great things happening in schools and classrooms across the country. Teachers are doing amazing things. Hearing about all of this is very exciting, but somewhat frustrating as well because I have been unable to do these things myself. I almost felt like I was falling out of the loop a little. Prior to joining the DEN team, I could implement these ideas in my school with the students I worked with. Now, I’ll get to do it again, and this excites me. This is ultimately what’s driving this change.

This is a big change, but one I’m anxious for. It’s certainly going to be different – for me and my family. My commute will be different because I’ll actually have one. My schedule will be different. My coworkers will be different. However, there’s one thing that won’t change, my connection to so many awesome educators.

5 thoughts on “Making a Change

  1. gcouros

    Congratulations Chad!  It must be tough leaving such a great group of people but I know that you are going to make a huge change in a school with the people you work with and all of the people that get to hear the stuff you are doing.  Change is an opportunity to do something amazing…I am looking forward to seeing what you do!

    Again…congratulations my friend.


  2. dmantz7

    Wow an awesome all at the same time. I know from the big influences that you have had on me while in the DEN, those teachers and students you will be educating are truly being blessed with your presence.


  3. MaryBethHertz

    Congrats on a tough decision! I’m sure you missed the classroom. You will be such a huge asset to your new school. I’m sure you’ve learned and grown a ton over the last (almost) 3 years at DE. Can’t wait to see what you are up to!


  4. plnaugle

    I am sad to see you leave your Discovery position because of all of the greatness you contributed to us (the DEN community) while you were there. I have always wondered how much people miss the “classroom” environment once they leave it behind. Your new district is fortunate to have you joining them, and I looked forward to any connections we can establish between our students this coming year. Congratulations,Chad, on making a change.


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