Jersey Wearing Rules

This is by no means an edtech post, but I do think you can learn something from it.  That is, if you’re a sports fan or are ever around sports fans.

A recent discussion with some friends about jersey rules led to me share what I consider the do’s and don’ts of wearing sports jerseys. They disagreed and laughed at a few of them, but it’s okay, they can be wrong. I don’t think I’ve ever written these down before, they’ve just always been in my head. Until now. There are other lists of rules out there, like this one from Rick Reilly, that I find amusing. Take a look at let me know what you think. Do you agree? Disagree? Have you seen any blatant violations of the jerseys rules? By the way, these rules also apply to t-shirt jerseys.

And now, the list.


2 thoughts on “Jersey Wearing Rules

  1. You can wear a jersey to school if you are a teacher and it is “sports” day.
    You can wear a cheesehead on hat day, even if you do not live in Wisconsin, because the middle schoolers think it is super cool.
    You can always wear a jersey of your favorite player of all time (Dave DeBusschere in my case I was the only girl in 8th grade with Sports Illustrated basketball pictures hanging in my locker.


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