Should I Care?

I’d like to know your thoughts.

It’s been about three months since I left my job as a library media specialist to join Discovery Education.  The move for me has been wonderful and I’m not looking back. However, I’m very worried about the library program that I left.  When I left, the plan was for one sub to take the position for about three weeks until another would take over for the rest of the school year.  From my knowledge, neither had any experience in a library or was certified.  It turns out the first one person didn’t make the three weeks because she had to fill another position in the school due to a maternity leave.  I’m not sure who filled in prior to the “rest of the year sub” taking over.  When that sub took over, I figured there would at least be some stability the rest of the year.  I was wrong.  Apparently, when there was a need for a sub in a classroom, the library sub was pulled into a classroom and a different sub was put in the library.  So much for continuity.  But that’s not all.  Recently, I found out that there were some issues with one of the classroom teachers and the library sub has been moved into a classroom for the remainder of the school year and the first year struggling teacher is now in the library.  Not good.

Things brings me to a couple of thoughts and a question.  One, the library is not valued in the school.  Maybe it wasn’t when I was there, but it seems that it’s pretty much being dumped on now.   Two, the staff must not care or they would be speaking out about it.  I left plenty of information about library procedures as well as my contact information, but was only contacted once about a problem with a subscription purchase.  Should I even care about what happens there anymore?  I’m no longer a part of it.  Should I offer to help get things straightened out a little or just leave it alone?

Part of me wants to care and part of me doesn’t.

17 thoughts on “Should I Care?

  1. First and foremost, I’m deeply sorry this has happened. What a bummer.

    Thoughts/questions off the top of my head:

    1) Possible for another media specialist in district, that close by, to come over once a week to check in on the library?

    2) Possible for you to connect a close colleague (former) to do a little investigating into why the library has been “lowered in ranks?”

    3) Wonder if you could really mentor the new younger teacher and maybe light a fire under her. Who knows she might be “fighting” for her job.

    4) Pray


  2. My wife experienced my of the same. She’s in the same school teaching grade 2 but the library has been taken over by folks with no library background let alone teaching. The teacher librarian position in our district is now a thing of the past. She’s moved on but it still bothers her knowing that students are missing out.


  3. I have seen similar results in a couple districts. I am not sure if they feel that technology or Internet will be the ultimate solution but it does hit one’s heart. In this case, the time and passion you provided to those students should be maintained if not further developed. Yet, some folks do not feel the same and it hurts. Keep your head up and hopefully the students and parents effected will step up and express their concern and need for a true librarian. After all, libraries still have a major role in education!


  4. Wendy

    It’s really nice of you to still care about your old job even though you have nothing to them right now. If I was you, I will still help them.. you’ve already started it through this blog, then why not continue it till the end.. 🙂


  5. If it were me I would not be able to stay away. The fact that you know these things are taking place would drive me crazy. I’d give it a shot or two before washing my hands of the whole thing. What it really boils down to is are the teachers aware of how all those sub changes are impacting their library program and do they care enough to help put a stop to it?


  6. Chad Lehman

    Thanks for the comments. I think I might make one attempt to reach out to the principal and see if there’s any interest in me helping out for a little bit. And by a little bit, I’m thinking a morning or something like that. I know I can’t help with the instruction or how the program will run, but if there’s going to be thousands of $$ that will be lost in a month or so that could be spent on books or subscriptions, I can at least help with that.


  7. You are very attached with your previous work, even if you’re no longer connected with it, your mind and heart are still with it. It’s really the Passion that counts. You still care but the people who are currently involve weren’t. There are things that they don’t value that you value most. Library is not only a mere value of book supplies and reading haven. It is the ground for the Heart for Learning and Knowledge Exploration.


  8. Earlen

    Thanks for sharing with us your undying experience, I know that most of us can experience it too, Thanks for the tips to know what is the best thing to do can experience the same way…


  9. It can be really hard to let go of the last place that you worked, but you need to do it. One of the hardest things to realize is that you can’t be everywhere at once, and that your duty to be responsible for the library that you used to work at is over – que sera, sera – what will be, will be.

    Just focus on your new job and doing the best you can at it – you don’t need all the stress of worrying about two places at once.


  10. Minard

    You are a great person, in spite of all things matter you are still thinking of your job that hang over when you left it.. I know that there’s something good for you… Keep believing and reaching the greatness of life…


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