Let’s Play The Feud!

I was extremely fortunate to be asked to participate in an incredibly fun event at ISTE in Philadelphia.  The ISTE Conference has been one of the highlights of my summer for the past few years and something I begin looking forward to way before the school year ends.  This year, I was part of a session that was more fun that I could have imagined.  My friends and colleagues Dr. Joyce Valenza – Teacher Librarian, NeverEndingSearch Blog, Gwyneth Jones – The Daring Librarian, Shannon McClintock Miller – Van Meter Library VOICE, Matthew Winner – The Busy Librarian, Nicholas Provenzano – The Nerdy TeacherSteve Dembo and I participated in a wildly entertaining Family Feud style game show.  We wanted to share a variety of tools educators are using with those in attendance.  Prior to the event, we crowdsourced the answers to a list of questions we came up with.  A couple of excellent secret keepers, Paul Wood and Diane Cordell, tallied the survey results and along with Steve’s excellence, put together a slideshow of the answers – complete with Family Feud graphics and sounds.  We thought it would be an interesting twist to the event if we all dressed in 70’s style clothing.  I’m not sure if this turned out to be a good idea or not.  The session was a complete blast with Team MacGUYver winning, at least that’s the way I saw it.  If you’d like to watch the recording of the session, please do it.  I think you’ll learn something and certainly be entertained.

Here’s the link to the video.

Here’s a link to the wiki with even more information.

Note: I am more than honored to be mentioned in the same breath as those mentioned above.  They are not only incredible educators, but wonderful people as well.  I’m learned so much from them over the years and was thrilled to be on stage with them!  I hope they ask me back.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Play The Feud!

  1. Bethany Smith

    I really enjoyed the Feud format. I was disappointed in this years Educon Web 2.0 Smackdown, and I wonder if this is a better way to present that kind of information. It was interesting for people that already knew the tools as well as those that were new to these tools. And even though I think I know a lot about Web 2.0 tools, its always nice to learn something new.

    But in the end – remember always guess Google first 🙂


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